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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

postheadericon Just Learning

I am Jenn Wilkinson and I am just starting to learn how to make things with psp. thank everybody who so generously puts up free scrapkits. I am a stay at home mom and not by choice right now. I would love to be working again to help our family with the bills but down here in South Mississippi we are taking the recession hard. It is very hard to find a job even one at a fast food place. My husband is a security guard for a local company down here and he works swing shift. So i can only work days due to not having anybody that can watch our 2 year old lil boy Tristen. We live with my inlaws and they are great but Tristen is a handful and they have some physical problems that make it hard to keep up with him. So to all of you that share your scrapkits thank you. I would love to be able to buy some of ya'lls ptu kits but really cant afford it. We are making the best of what we have.

thank you very much

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